March 15, 2011

Parcel Delivery

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Here’s how it works: the majority of our work is pre-planned every day. We are geared towards jobs that are regularly scheduled and recurring. Because immediate, on-demand deliveries are tricky (best to leave that to the drones). So, if you have a number of local packages going out on a daily or weekly basis – that generally works well for us and is priced accordingly. Special discounted rates are available for regularly scheduled daily or weekly pickups. Call us at 617-776-3700 or get in touch and we will give you a custom quote for your delivery needs.

On-Demand Rates start at $40 (blue zone); $50 (red zone)

Delivery Area

The shaded area on the map represents the entire area we currently service for delivery. The blue segments are the central areas of Boston, Cambridge and Somerville.
Our pricing is based on distance, package specs, and time frame (urgency).

Step One
Choose Your Pickup Location




2-3 hours


Under 1 hour

Blue Zone
$40 $45 $50
Red Zone
$50 $55 $60

Step Two
Add For Each Zone You Cross as the Crow Flies

Blue Zone(s)
+$2 +$4 +$8
Red Zone(s)
+$3 +$6 +$12

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Calculating Your Rate

Find your pickup location on the map and choose your base rate from the chart above depending on how quickly your package/items need to go, then locate the destination and add the price for each red and/or blue zones crossed.

Example: if you have a package going from Harvard Square to Back Bay. Harvard is a Blue Zone origin with a base rate of $40, and you cross two blue zones ($2 ea) to get to Back Bay, total would be $44.

Place a Delivery Order

Rates are for envelopes and packages up to 2 cubic feet and 25 pound. Additional charges may apply for multiple pieces, over-sized or heavy packages.

Service Levels “Economy”, “Expedited”, and “Rush” refer to the delivery window: the time between when the item is available for pickup and the deadline.
Price reflected on this chart may change based on daily factors.

We Now Accept Bitcoins! Contact us for details.

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