What is Metro Pedal Power?

Metro Pedal Power is a team of dedicated individuals doing what we love – ride on!
We believe that much of our last mile inter-city freight can be done with pedal-powered vehicles, rather than with gas powered vehicles.
Our pedal-powered trucking is eco-conscious, people-friendly, and it’s fun!
We are part of the movement to enhance the health and well being of our communities, improve the livability of our cities, and relieve urban congestion and pollution. Our burly vehicles and heroic riders work in all weather carrying loads up to 500 lbs.
The goal of the organization is to provide an attractive and efficient service that is cost-effective for the customer, prosperous for us as an organization, and that contributes to the well-being of the community at large.
By demonstrating what is possible to do with pedal-powered vehicles, we inspire others to do more on bikes. We offer support and consulting services to help other businesses implement their own pedal-powered programs by providing the necessary systems such as rider training, vehicle sourcing, and full maintenance and repair shop services.
We aim to have an equitable, educational, and empowering work environment, we value organizational transparency, honesty, fair trade, and voluntary association.
We provide exceptional service.
From same-day parcels and on-demand trucking services to scheduled route delivery and public works – get our pedal-trucks working for you!

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Looking to partner with us?

We work with local businesses and institutions of all sizes to incorporate pedal-powered vehicle solutions for a variety of transportation needs. Together we can transform the urban ecology!

We’d love to talk with you about it.

We will deliver your veggies, help you set up your own pedal powered fleet, or anywhere in between, We could even haul your recycling or pick up your compost!