MetroPed made an appearance at D2E this past weekend in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center. We were co-exhibiting with Silverbrook Farm and promoting the Boston/ Cambridge CSA.

It was a lot of fun, but I have to say, having manned the booth for three full days, I am a little tired of running my mouth off. Seriously though, I saw a bunch of great people and made a myriad exciting connections with other businesses and just interesting folks in the community. People especially liked sitting on the bike and ringing the bell. mike-on-cargo-trike

Like this fine gentleman I met on Friday evening:

Friday was the most fun because there was food samples for the Local Bites portion of the event and also several kegs of beer at a booth from Watch City Brewery. OMG good beer. Real interesting stuff including a rye beer and a chocolate stout made with like 50lbs of Taza Chocolate ♥ ♥ ♥ I was very sad when I came in on Saturday and saw that Watch City was not there. : (  Next time, I hope to see more beer at the event.

Anyway, all and all a good time!

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