Community Supported Agriculture

Did you know Boston has a fully functioning farm right on the Brookline-Jamaica Plain line? How about full time bee keepers? Or how about the thousands of pounds of goat cheese that comes down regularly from Western Mass, New Hampshire and Vermont? What about the 100 % pure maple syrup you love so much on those breakfast cakes for your lazy Sunday morning? The reason why I bring these points up is because there are so many amazing things happening locally, most people fail to recognise it or realise their importance. I spent a couple of great hours on the trike yesterday delivering weekly CSA shares to residents around the Cambridge/Harvard area. A simple load of boxes of locally grown vegetables was enough to keep me happy and I’d say the stomachs of about 20 local families. Sometimes people get into such a routine of going to the store to buy groceries and one stop shopping that they fail to think about where all of this is coming from and who its supporting. Next time you buy that head of lettuce just look at where its coming from. It’ll probably say something like: Produce of Mexico and/or Chile and/or Denmark. Who knows. I’ll just say thanks to my farmer Emily in Lincoln, MA for my great summer salad. Spend a little extra time enjoying yourselves out there. It helps by smiling.

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