Burritos on Board!

Today we helped Boloco shuttle supplies from one of their local stores to the Head of the Charles Regatta Festival in Cambridge. The river waterfront was closed to automobile traffic so the job would have been nearly impossible without us! Trikes to the rescue!IMG00035

That’s John Pepper, CEO of Boloco giving our vehicle a spin. We lucked out and the rain held off for the day so the weather was actually perfectly fall, crisp and bright. I made three round trips from the Boloco Store at 135 Mass Ave in Boston to the Boloco tent (and AirStream Trailer shaped like a burrito) on Memorial Drive  totaling about 18 miles to and fro. A good workout (fueled by Boloco Burritos of course!) but I am too tired to calculate how much CO2 we saved by using pedal power instead of gasoline power. Anyone know?

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