Metro ANT Power

A.lternative N.eeds T.ransportation – MetroPed got an ANT bike!


I have been a big fan of ANT cargo bikes ever since I first saw a front-loader parked out in front of Broadway Bicycle School back in 2002. Mike Flannigan (ant bike mike) is a renowned builder who has been hand-crafting bicycles in the Boston Area for the past 20 years. Indeed, he has been among the pioneers in the bicycle craft, helping shape the bike-building culture here in Boston and across North America.

We found this ANT on Craigslist and had to snatch it up. MetroPed has long been needing a smaller vehicle for the occasional medium size delivery like this one we did today for a customer at Ricky’s Flower Market in Union Square. We replaced the basket with a flat panel and will probably make some other modifications to it cuz we just can’t leave things alone.

We’re so psyched to add this bike to our fleet! Stay tuned for more Cargo Bike Action!

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