Harvard Yard Recycling – Trailer

Harvard Yard RecyclingLast week was a fun and busy week here at MetroPed. We did lots and lots of deliveries, got a couple of new clients, and Look – we built a trailer!

We used the new trailer on Saturday for the first time doing a job for Harvard University. The trailer handles exceptionally well and nearly doubles our hauling capacity! Best suited for short trips on relatively flat terrain, it works perfectly for hauling stuff around a campus. We were hired by Harvard to help collect and consolidate reuseable donations during freshman move-out weekend. We hauled 40-50 yards of stuff in about 8 hours on Saturday. Couches, refrigerators, shelving units, futon frames, bags and bags of clothing, books, etc. It’s amazing how much stuff gets left from the freshman dorms. Harvard donates the reuseables to Habitat for Humanity. They clean sort organize and resell the goods to raise money for the organization.

Here’s another picture of Erik with the semi-tractor-trailer!


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