Farmhack @ Metro Pedal March 21


Once upon a time i met a farmer named Tim Cook. You can imagine all of us here at Metro Pedal Power were very intrigued when he told me of the bicycle powered tractor he was building. But you don’t even have to imagine check it out here is a photo

This pic is from 2010 when Tim and I met on a small farm plot in Dorchester where Tim was helping out with the City Growers project. I loved the handmade wooden wheels and gnarly  gear ratio, even though i had a hard time piloting it. However, since that lovely spring day, Tim has been working on refining the prototype, he has built 5 or 6  versions and now has one that works really well.
AAAANNND Tim is coming to our shop this weekend with his project! want to build your very own Hacktor Traktor? Come by this weekend and see what it’s all about there will be pedal powered machines in action! Come see how much wheat flour you can produce in 60 seconds on Lu Yoder’s bicycle grain grinder! We will be baking bread too!


Here’s a video of the latest prototype.
Come by between 9am-6pm on Saturday or Sunday to join in the fun, see what’s being hacked, or even help out! If you are interested in being a part of the build party, check out the postings on the farmhack site, feel free to RSVP so we make enough coffee 🙂

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