Blue Hill Repeats on a Trike

Thanks to our “rookie” driver Brett for breathing some life into this blog.
He is an amazing addition to the already super-hero Metro Pedal team!

Here is a blurry picture I took of Brett in the shop getting ready to go out on a run. So sweet and good-natured looking 🙂 We will get better pictures up here soon. In fact it is time for a company-wide photo shoot soon before we run out of this awesome spring weather. Pedal Power Photography, holla at us!

Spring is an exciting time for us. It is the time when the job really pays off. Pity slowly turns to envy. After months and months of grueling New England winter; sleet, slush and snow; sub-freezing temperatures and loads of sympathy from everyone who sees us “suffering” on the road. After all that, we get the pay-off. Working outside in those scarce spring days, when the sun is shining, the breezes are slight, and the temperatures are moderate – the perfect weather – we get one or two days a year. And we fight over the deliveries on those days. (nah, just kidding, there are plenty of deliveries to go around!)

And for me, even if there aren’t deliveries, spring is definitely the time when there are opportunities to go around meeting up with people to discuss new developments. It was one such meeting yesterday that took me deep into Dorchester, down Blue Hill Ave, almost to Mattapan! I rode what I like to call the “Volvo” trike. I did a few deliveries on the way .. a long haul .. this was my route.

It was my first time riding a trike that far into Dorchester. Wow, so nice and hilly. But I loved the looks I got from people sitting out on the stoops. Anyway, I ended up at a mysterious meeting with some folks in a field down near the Blue Hills.

I arrived early and saw this:

and I was like OMGWTFBBQ is that what I think it is??

Yes, it’s a pedal-powered tractor! I wasn’t really even sure what the meeting was going to be about but I saw this thing and I was 100% sold. Yes.

But, of course, I had to give it a try:

Awesome home-made machine! A good workout, and no diesel fumes!!

I am so impressed.

It turns out the rest of the project is just as cool. A small group of local entrepreneurs are re-claiming abandoned plots of urban space around Boston and turning it into small farm plots to grow greens and tomatoes and other good stuff. Hows that for a stimulus package? So local. So fresh.

And, you guessed it, will be delivered around the city by bike via Metro Pedal Power! Lucky us!

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