Do you hold your breath when a truck passes?

Sometimes I do.

Sometimes I hold my breath when a particularly exhausty van or truck rumbles past me … I have this instinct to avoid inhaling the fumes. However, this can be problematic on a bike, cuz you sometimes need every breath, so missing a few breaths can really put you behind.

I noticed this today when I found myself inadvertently keeping pace with both a delivery truck and a big ass tour bus, along with the rest of the motor vehicle traffic all heading down Mass Ave from Cambridge to Boston. …Man, waiting at red lights, staring down the tailpipe of a bus….. do you wonder why cyclists don’t like to stop at red lights? I kept wishing that I practiced more pranayama.  But the thing is I couldn’t […]

Bay State Bike Week

Today MetroPed teamed up with the Charles River Transportation Management Association and Petsi Pies to bring bicycle commuters a free breakfast along the Minuteman Bike Path at the Alewife T station. With scones, coffee, and bicycle schwag in hand, we thanked our fellow commuters for choosing the bicycle as their mode of transportation.

I got to see all types of cyclists including the everyday commuter, […]


Title brought to you by our very own, Daniel. OK, so we are starting to pick up a lot which of course leads into delivering a lot more. This not only fills four to five full routes a day on our red cargo trikes, but sends us out on even more tasks by ANT. Thanks to Mike Flanagan of A.N.T. and our shop lead engineer, mechanic, fabricator, head honcho Erik Petterson, we now have two more ANT’s in our fleet fully decked out to get any task done.

Our newly assembled carrier.


Blue Hill Repeats on a Trike

Thanks to our “rookie” driver Brett for breathing some life into this blog.
He is an amazing addition to the already super-hero Metro Pedal team!

Here is a blurry picture I took of Brett in the shop getting ready to go out on a run. So sweet and good-natured looking 🙂 We will get better pictures up here soon. In fact it is time for a company-wide photo shoot soon before we run out of this awesome spring weather. Pedal Power Photography, holla at us!

Spring is an exciting time for us. It is the time when the job really pays off. Pity slowly turns to envy. After months and months of grueling New England winter; sleet, slush and snow; sub-freezing temperatures and loads of sympathy from everyone who sees us “suffering” on the road. After all that, we get the pay-off. Working outside in those scarce spring days, when the sun is shining, the breezes are slight, and […]